Open Source

I've published some new and interesting Open Source projects. Please find the details below,

Why Open Source

The Redis session manager is pluggable one. It stores session into Redis for easy distribution of HTTP Requests across a cluster of Tomcat servers. (more)

Security Assertion Markup Language (SAML) is an XML-based framework for authentication and authorization between two entities: a Service Provider and an Identity Provider. The Service Provider agrees to trust the Identity Provider to authenticate users. In return, the Identity provider generates an authentication assertion, which indicates that a user has been authenticated. (more)

Multi-tenancy allows an application to behave as multiple independent applications hosted for different clients. This might not sound impressive, however as the number of clients increase it becomes more evident that it is easier and more cost effective to run a single application hosted for all the clients rather than hosting an independent application for each client. Multi-tenancy has become more popular lately and is very useful for the economy in software companies, since it makes your service more affordable using cheaper installations/costs. (more)

Distributed task scheduler is a Java implementation for handling tasks in distributed environment using Redis. It has the following features:

      1. Usable in a distributed environment: It uses Redis data cache for effectively preventing a task to be run on multiple instances of the same application.
      2. Configurable consumers: Polling consumers can be configured per scheduler.
      3. Configurable polling: Polling delay can be configured to tweak execution precision.
      4. Multiple schedulers support: You can create multiple schedulers in the same application. (more)

Email Poller is the process of automatically reading the unread emails from specified email account in certain period of interval to perform some operation dynamically. (more)

Ceph, a free-software storage platform, implements object storage on a single distributed computer cluster, and provides interfaces for object-, block- and file-level storage. Ceph aims primarily for completely distributed operation without a single point of failure, scalable to the exabyte level, and highly available. (more)

Using Google Sheets, now you can send email from your web page contact-us form. Nowadays, we have a lot of open source forms available on the internet. But the advantage of this is simple and secure (more)

The Zimbra SAML extension provides support for the "Browser/POST Profile of SAML". (more)